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Certified Golf Fitness & Therapy

Golfers demand a lot from their bodies. The shoulders, knees, hips and arms must work in split second harmony to ensure a successful outcome. But these complex maneuvers can lead to painful injuries that make playing nearly impossible.  Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy is proud to offer specialized treatment and rehabilitation programs for golf injuries and has been certified by the Titleist  Performance Institute, the leading authority in golf performance and fitness enhancement.

Community Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy’s (CHOT) Tyler Eckel, PT has been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as Golf Fitness instructor and provides custom tailored physical therapy for golfers.

Specialized Care for the Golfing Athlete

  • Injury Prevention
  • Swing Mechanics Evaluation
  • Ankle & Wrist Injury Screening
  • Individualized Treatment Plans

Utilizing the advanced treatment protocols developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, a 4-step performance enhancement program will be customized to fit your individual needs. The 4-step program includes a Functional Movement Assessment, Restoration of Function, Performance Enhancement and Injury Rehabilitation. Each performance enhancement program is administered by TPI Certified Medical Professional, Tyler Eckel PT.

Your individualized treatment plan begins with a Functional Movement Assessment, identifying restrictions in movement and helping to focus manual therapy and exercise techniques for an efficient recovery.
Restoring your pre-injury function and enhancing performance on the golf course are key elements of your customized treatment plan. These steps, coupled with comprehensive injury rehabilitation, represent the well-rounded approach to golf fitness as prescribed by the Titleist Performance Institute.

The Titleist Performance Institute is the nation’s leader in golf performance and fitness enhancement. Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy provides the golf fitness training principles of The Titleist Performance Institute to golfers of all skill levels. Our Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor, Tyler Eckel, PT, focuses on the physical factors that limit you as a golfer. Through one-on-one interaction, injury prevention and strength optimization, the potential of your golf swing is maximized while risk of injury is minimized.

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