Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy


Spine Therapy

Spine surgery can be an invasive procedure that requires a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to maximize the surgery’s benefits and minimize recovery time.  Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy is proud to include a team of therapists who have received specialized training for the care and rehabilitation of spine surgery patients.

In order to maximize healing and return the patient to regular daily activities, the therapists at Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy will work directly with the patient’s surgeon to best determine what treatment modalities, and at what frequency, will produce the best results.  Many post-op therapy plans include the management of pain and discomfort.  Utilizing techniques such as exercises or ice application can allow the patient to regain the strength needed to complete a full rehabilitation plan.

When working with post-op spine patients, the therapists at Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy pay special attention to the muscles located near the incision and muscles that may have been weakened by existing nerve problems prior to surgery.  Working to rebuild these muscles can help increase a patient’s stability and prolong the surgery’s effectiveness.  Additional therapies to increase mobility and flexibility can help the patient get the most from the recovery process.

Spine Therapy

  • Specially Trained Therapists
  • Individualized Therapy Plans
  • Maximizing the Surgical Benefits while Minimizing Recovery Time
  • Patient-Focused Treatment Methods