Sports Medicine

From weekend warrior to professional athlete, Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy provides customized treatment programs that get you back in the action.


We use the latest treatment techniques combined with a comfortable and caring atmosphere to maximize the healing experience.

Physical Therapy

The right physical therapy can make the difference between a successful recovery or continued pain and discomfort.


Our friendly and skilled therapy team works with your surgeon to deliver personalized, advanced therapy programs. Maximize your successful outcome and get back to the life you’ve always loved with Community Hospital Outpatient Therapy.

Aquatic Therapy

Maintained at a soothing 93 degrees, our aquatic therapy pool is allows for specialized therapy programs that maximize recovery when weight bearing activities may prove too painful.


Let us show you the difference that Aquatic Therapy can make for your rehabilitation and therapy program.


Hand Therapy

The skilled therapists at the Community Hospital Hand Therapy Center provide comprehensive therapy and rehabilitation for traumatic and non-traumatic injuries to the hand using the most advanced techniques.


Whether it’s a work-related injury or painful orthopedic disorder, count on the team at the Community Hospital Hand Therapy Center to be your helping hands.

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